College Reading Loads Can Be Heavy

iStock_000020473608_Small (1)Research indicates that a college freshman’s required reading can be as much as 500,000 words per week.

Inefficient readers frequently spend an excessive amount of time plowing slowly through their required reading — often with unsatisfactory results.

The highly efficient techniques and strategies taught each year to several thousand students in the Baldridge Program are designed to cope with demanding college reading loads.

These techniques save time, improve the quantity and quality of academic work; and, as a result, help students increase their self-confidence, develop a more positive attitude toward their studies, and meet faculty expectations more successfully.

The Baldridge Program takes only a short time to complete and has lifelong value. It has even been described as “a form of insurance on students’ educational investment.”


Baldridge Techniques Used Successfully by College Students!

Time Management

Read more in less time, with better comprehension, using flexible reading rates.

Organize your priorities. Plan on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Anti-procrastination Strategy. Finish assignments ahead of deadline.

Improve Note Taking

The One-Side Rule:  Make more efficient, productive use of your notebook.

The Box Recall Method:  Take control of your long-term memory.

The Rapid Writing System:  Keep up with fast-paced lectures.

The Princeton Study Strategy:  Organize and recall larger amounts of course material.

Take Tests Without Fear

Rid yourself of “test anxiety”.
Havard Memory Technique:  Avoid wasting time and unnecessary re-reading.

Learn to prepare more thoroughly.
Reduced Clue Method:  Answer essay questions clearly and concisely.

Use effective test-taking strategies.
Mathematical Thinking Model:  Simplify solving math word problems.